From an initial contact up to completion of a project (e.g. development and GMP compliant manufacture of sterile Drug Products) an experienced and skilled team of Business Development and Project Managers is at your disposal with the drive and spirit “to supply you with quality products and services in time”. As a first step they define together with you a tailor made project plan which after your approval will be enrolled by a dedicated Project Manager. The role and function of the Business Development and Project Managers within BioConnection is to unburden customers or as one of our clients once told us ‘The BD/ PM team within BioConnection is the oil in the machinery that makes things happen’.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We can help you set up a development strategy and/or find suppliers for the execution of your development program. Of course, your preferred suppliers can be incorporated in your customized development program. During each program, a skilled and experienced program manager is assigned. This manager is fully responsible for the program's execution.

Since every program is unique, the costs depend on the specifications of the required program. For more detailed information you can contact our director Business Development, who will gladly provide you with preliminary information based on your specific requirements.

Do you still have questions or would you like to receive a personalised offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will surprise you with our complete services.


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