Interview Mibiton with Alexander Willemse - BioConnection

BioConnection ontvangt een voucher van de Kracht van New Business Oss  

Vandaag was een feestelijke dag voor BioConnection. Zij ontvingen een voucher ter waarde van € 20.000 van de Kracht van New Business Oss. BioConnection bevindt zich in de unieke positie om binnen een uitermate geschikt gebouw op het Pivot Park in Oss services aan te bieden voor zogeheten cell based therapies (zoals immuuntherapie bijvoorbeeld voor kankerbestrijding). De financiële steun wordt gebruikt voor de opzet van het businessplan voor deze sterke case.

De Kracht van New Business Oss is erg enthousiast over dit initiatief. Het onderzoek naar Cell Based Therapies kan hierdoor stappen maken op het gebied van kankerbestrijding. Het zorgt voor een nieuwe wijze van kankerbestrijding die het welzijn van mensen ten goede komt. Daarnaast biedt het volop kansen voor de werkgelegenheid in Oss; het kan 4 tot 9 hoogwaardige fte’s opleveren en daarbij voor veel waardevolle samenwerkingen zorgen in Oss. Denk ook aan een logistieke service.
Tevens werd vandaag het nieuwe lab van BioConnection geopend.


BioConnection wins FD Gazellen award

Pivot Park, Oss, The Netherlands, October 14th, 2016

BioConnection, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, proudly announces that is has won the FD Gazellen status. This prestigious award is given by the Financieel Dagblad to financially healthy companies that have reached yearly revenue growth of more than 20% in the last 3 years.

Dr. Alexander Willemse, CEO of BioConnection: “We’re very excited to win one of the Gazelle awards. We have grown fast and steady in recent years. The highlight came early this year when we acquired the Aletta Jacobs building from MSD enabling us to
have our own manufacturing facility and expand our capabilities and capacity. It is also a reward for all the employees of BioConnection and their dedicated work and to our customers for their trust in us. We definitely look with confidence to the future.

BioConnection Opens Manufacturing Plant in Oss, The Netherlands

Pivot Park, Oss, The Netherlands, February 5th, 2016

BioConnection, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, has opened today its manufacturing plant in Oss, The Netherlands. The opening ceremony was attended by the city Mayor, BioConnection employees, customers and relations. BioConnection has taken over the manufacturing plant from MSD after 10 years of successful collaboration.

BioConnection, ChemConnection, and Proxy announce successful release of the first 'Combidex' batch for the Radboudumc, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Pivot Park, Oss, The Netherlands, February 18, 2014

BioConnection, ChemConnection and PROXY are honored to announce the successful release of the first batch of Combidex, a revolutionary product from the Radboudumc Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine initiated by Professor Jelle Barentsz. This achievement was made under the lead and management of BioConnection. ChemConnection manufactured the API batch and PROXY, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinenis LifeSciences, performed the formulation and product release.

Press release BioConnection February 18th 2014

BioConnection and ChemConnection are pleased to announce the cooperation with Ceronco Biosciences to develop and manufacture their lead product CB001 being a liposomal formulated doxorubicin enriched with GlucosylCeramide (GC) which is developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Prof. Dr. M. Verheij) and Erasmus Medical Centre (Dr. G. Koning). In vitro experiments show that the GC-enriched doxorubicin is taken up more effectively in cancer cells, leading to a substantial increase of the cytotoxic effect of doxorubicin. In non-cancerous cells this selective high influx effect is fortunately not observed, limiting the toxic effect of doxorubicin on normal cells.

BioConnection and ChemConnection join forces for Ceronco Bioscience's lead liposomal product


BioConnection is honored to announce the cooperation with Radboud University to develop and manufacture their Combidex technology of Professor Jelle Barentsz. This product is an important step forward in lymph node imaging to enable better cancer treatment. To enable this development, BioConnection has initiated and leads a consortium of Dutch companies being BioConnection, ChemConnection and Sinensis Life Sciences. The project shows the strength of the BioConnection business model and the innovative power in the Netherlands. It also shows the added value of the Oss Pivot Park, the former Oss Life Sciences Park, especially in cooperation with the Nijmegen Radboud University. The project combines in an unique and flexible setup chemistry and GMP manufacturing of high-tech nanosupensions, product development and GMP product manufacturing.

BioConnection press release July 1st 2013

BiCycle platform stimulates development of complex sugar-based drugs


Three Dutch biotech companies today announced a new partnership, the BiCycle Platform.


Okklo Life Sciences, BioConnection and ChemConnection will jointly be offering their development services for new therapies based on cyclodextrins.

Please find attached our press release announcing the cooperation with Research Innovations.

In this cooperation BioConnection provides the fill and finish in ampoules for one of their products for the US market. In the starting phase BioConnection was able to surpass the demands from Research Innovations.

If you want to experience what BioConnection can offer for your development or manufacturing project, please contact us.

On May 7, 2012 BioConnection welcomes Maricke Padt as their new Business Development Officer.

BioConnection today announced that they are appointed by Synthon Biopharmaceuticals as development and manufacturing partner for one of their leading antibody projects.

On October 1, 2011, BioConnection welcomed Joe Bender as their new Business Development Officer and Robert de Boer as their Program Manager.