About us

BioConnection is one of the first European CMOs to provide sterile production facilities as well as expertise for small/ medium sized (bio)pharmaceutical companies. With BioConnection you have access to aseptic production of small-scale clinical batches, filling and freeze-drying up to 500L+ scale production of commercial batches. All under one roof and EMA and US-FDA certified.

At BioConnection, we provide you with development and manufacturing capabilities to bring your product from idea to the clinics and the market. Using our FDA and EMA approved facilities, we will provide you with tailor-made solutions for your product. We can help you with small-scale clinical batches, filling in vials, syringes or any other primary pack. We have state of the art freeze-drying equipment as well as large-scale commercial production possibilities. Label and pack options are available too.

Our network is full of expertise

Due to our unique history (ask us about it) we combine the strength of a flexible team with a wide expertise and experience with a proprietary top class FDA and EMA approved production building with 4,000 square meters (equivalents 43,000 square feet) of GMP area and an even amount of technical areas.

Thanks to an established network of skilled suppliers, expertise in the field of development and production for both active biopharmaceutical ingredients and biopharmaceutical end-products is widely available. With active network companies BioConnection can rely on a wealth of experience. Of course, our network reaches further than Oss. We can ensure, if needed together with our business partners, that we can provide you with a solution to your development or manufacturing needs.

The one partner you need

Our BioConnection formula has proven to be a welcome opportunity for companies unable to afford these facilities themselves. Besides, many young biopharmaceutical companies are more focused on their research rather than the development side of their business. Quite often, they also lack the experience of a complete clinical development process. BioConnection is then the partner such companies need.

Parties that have interest in early-launch or commercial product manufacturing can also be served by BioConnection. Our expertise and vast experience are your guarantee for a quick and reliable product delivery.

We manufacture and develop according to your needs

Up to now, BioConnection has run a wealth of production batches with formulas ranging from simple liquid fill-and-finish products up to complex biopharmaceutical freeze-dried products as proteins, peptides and antibodies. We are ready to discuss your plans and to go to great lengths for all your development and manufacturing needs.