BioConnection offers clinical and commercial fill / finish for product including liquid fill or lyophilization intended for vials, ampoules, prefilled syringes or blowfill seals.


Our cornerstone is the clinical scale manufacturing plant in Oss, also known as ‘RY’. Via this plant, that complies with EMA and FDA regulations, we can provide you with automated fill of clinical grade cGMP product, both liquid and freeze-dried. Via our network we can also provide you with handfill of vials, syringes and almost any other container format leading to a very flexible approach. Due to the efforts of BioConnection we can provide you a seamless transfer from the handfill unit to the automated unit.

Furthermore we can even facilitate your commercial launch from this plant. Further commercial scale-up and production is arranged through our network or we can transfer to your preferred supplier. You have total flexibility (and control) enabling a strategic fit between our capabilities and your wishes.

Please check our Corporate Factsheet to view our capacities per vial, ampoule, syringe.