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Whether your product is in clinical or commercial phase, your goal is the same: To get your product as quickly to the patient in the best possible way. To achieve this, you need a manufacturing partner that has capacity, is reliable and has a strong commitment to achieving your goal.

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BioConnection offers innovative biopharmaceutical companies access to our state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility with a broad range of support services.

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Who are we?

BioConnection is a contract services and manufacturing organization for the development and manufacture (Filling and Freeze drying) of injectable (bio)pharmaceutical products.

Our customers describe us as: Reliable + Flexible + Personal + Qualitative


What are your need to haves?


With 3 filling lines, varying from hand fill to 500 liter capacity, BioConnection provides you with multiple possibilities to fill and finish your drug substance timely and in the desired quality. Read more about our capacity.


At BioConnection, we provide certainty for you since 2005 by making realistic promises and delivering on these promises, so you can fully rely on our contribution to your product.


Knowing that your clinical and commercial products are available to the patients at all times is one of the key features BioConnection delivers to its customers. This ensures trials and treatments are not interrupted.


Being able to rely on your fill&finish partner is of great importance. At BioConnection we promise what we deliver, in the time we agreed and the way we agreed.


People do business with people, and at BioConnection we value the relationships with our customers highly. This means we invest time and resources to optimally connect with your team.


FDA and EMA certifications clearly demonstrate our ability to deliver the highest quality of our fill & finish expertise to you. Your products are in the best hands possible with us.



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