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BioConnection has sterile drug product production capacity available for COVID-19 programs

BioConnection (established in 2005) is an independent CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization). We have our own facility in Oss, The Netherlands and are specialized in the manufacture of sterile drug products. Our GMP facility is EMA and US-FDA certified.

We have many years of experience in the development and sterile manufacture of drug products for both clinical trial and commercial (market) purposes. We have a worldwide customer portfolio which includes among others the USA, EU markets and of course the Dutch market. As a result we have a great deal of expertise and market knowledge in the area of sterile productions. Because of our experience and our available production capacity BioConnection is very well positioned to make a significant contribution in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.


BioConnection is able to support various COVID-19 programs with Fill & Finish in vials

BioConnection can contribute in sterile productions for research, clinical trial and large scale commercial purposes. This all in 1 facility which is EMA and US-FDA certified.

  • Treatments to alleviate symptoms
  • Vaccines
  • Essential medications for Hospitals and IC units


BioConnection is offering the following packages

  1. As of the beginning of next year we are able to offer production capacity on our new 500L line (vials only). This line has an output of around 50 million vials/ year (on a per campaign basis; 2 RDIN vials). As this new line will be soon in operation it offers for those parties who are interested the unique opportunity to dedicate a significant part of this capacity for their Covid-19 production programs (for treatment or vaccine). It also possible to make this line fit-for purpose and even BSL-2 conditions can be discussed, but on exclusive basis only;
  2. Per immediate effect BioConnection is able to offer production capacity on their sterile 50L GMP production line. This line is a perfect fit for clinical trial batches;
  3. Per immediate effect BioConnection is able to offer production capacity in their manual fill unit (class A, aseptic). This unit is BSL-2 ready and is a perfect fit for research and small scale clinical trial batches.

This announcement is under the attention of multiple Pharma and R&D companies being active in the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to help in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and are willing to prioritize COVID-19 programs.


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Alexander Willemse, PhD, MSc

Alexander Willemse, PhD, MSc

Chief Executive Officer

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Joined BioConnection in 2008
Sjaak Stevense, MD

Sjaak Stevense, MD

Director of Commercial Productions

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