Sjaak Stevense, MD
Director Commercial Affairs

Joins Bioconnection from 2008

Sjaak studied at the University of Amsterdam at the Faculty of Medicines where he obtains his MD-degree. At this university he teaches human anatomy and physiology (1978-1981).

From 1982 until 1997 he worked for Sandoz Pharma (now Novartis) as marketing & sales manager, country manager and international product manager in Basel, Switzerland. In The Netherlands he worked for Sandoz as product manager and medical representative.

From 1998 - 2000 he was sales director Europe for DSM Biologics. After DSM Sjaak went to work for Rhein Biotech in Maastricht (marketing & sales), InterArtis Pharma in Lelystad (senior consultant) and Pierrel S.p.A. in Milaan (business development).

Sjaak has over 25 years of "front door" experience in the international (bio)pharmaceutical industry at various senior positions. His recent assignments were within the biopharmaceutical and generics industry. He was among others responsible for sales and P&L, business development, project management, licensing, marketing, field force management and product management.