BioConnection and ChemConnection are pleased to announce the cooperation with Ceronco Biosciences to develop and manufacture their lead product CB001 being a liposomal formulated doxorubicin enriched with GlucosylCeramide (GC) which is developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Prof. Dr. M. Verheij) and Erasmus Medical Centre (Dr. G. Koning). In vitro experiments show that the GC-enriched doxorubicin is taken up more effectively in cancer cells, leading to a substantial increase of the cytotoxic effect of doxorubicin. In non-cancerous cells this selective high influx effect is fortunately not observed, limiting the toxic effect of doxorubicin on normal cells.

BioConnection and ChemConnection join forces for Ceronco Bioscience's lead liposomal product


This project fits perfectly in the new cooperation by and between BioConnection and ChemConnection who have have joined forces in the field of ‘complex formulations’. Both companies are now building on a joint expertise in nano-suspensions, liposomes, microspheres and other particulate systems. By combining their development and manufacturing facilities not only development is possible, but (GMP) production as well. For the Ceronco project the 2 companies in Oss invest in dedicated cytostatic capabilities. This project shows the strength of the joint cooperation and the innovative power in the Netherlands. It also shows the added value of the Pivot Park in Oss, the former Oss Life Sciences Park, where both companies are located.

Dr. Jeroen Rovers of Ceronco Biosciences: ‘We are happy that BioConnection and ChemConnection joined forces as the capability to produce GMP-grade liposomal formulated cytostatic drugs was not available to small companies before in the Netherlands. For us it is important to have a partner nearby that is flexible and is willing to invest and cooperate. It will be a challenging project but we are convinced that with combined efforts we are able to develop and manufacture our lead compound and move into clinical trials.’

Drs. Jules de Vet, CEO of the Pivot Park: I am glad to see these kind of initiatives at the Pivot Park. BioConnection and ChemConnection are expanding their capabilities, leading to a range of new innovative projects like this liposomal project. We hope to provide a unique backbone for complex formulations through Pivot Park. We have state-of-the-art facilities in this park and when combined with entrepreneurial spirit it will lead to innovative solutions. BioConnection took the opportunities available to provide unique services to the pharmaceutical market.

Dr. Alexander Willemse, CEO of BioConnection and Dr. Gerjan Kemperman, CEO of ChemConnection: ‘We are very pleased that Ceronco Biosciences decided to start their project with us. It is a challenging project where we both can learn. It is also an acid test that our strategic choice to cooperate and invest in complex formulations is working. We hope we can expand and become a valuable asset in the Netherlands in this field’.



BioConnection ( and ChemConnection ( are Dutch contract services and manufacturing organizations. By combining forces they are able to provide you with development and manufacturing of your complex formulation such as microspheres, liposomes and nanoparticles. We combine state-of-the-art API and Product Development expertise and capabilities. The cornerstones of our services are: API development and manufacturing, complex formulation development and Drug Product development (formulation, analytics, freeze-dry cycle), fill & finish and freeze-drying at clinical and commercial scale.

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