BioConnection is honored to announce the cooperation with Radboud University to develop and manufacture their Combidex technology of Professor Jelle Barentsz. This product is an important step forward in lymph node imaging to enable better cancer treatment. To enable this development, BioConnection has initiated and leads a consortium of Dutch companies being BioConnection, ChemConnection and Sinensis Life Sciences. The project shows the strength of the BioConnection business model and the innovative power in the Netherlands. It also shows the added value of the Oss Pivot Park, the former Oss Life Sciences Park, especially in cooperation with the Nijmegen Radboud University. The project combines in an unique and flexible setup chemistry and GMP manufacturing of high-tech nanosupensions, product development and GMP product manufacturing.

BioConnection press release July 1st 2013

Professor Jelle Barentsz of the Radboud Medical Center: ‘We contacted BioConnection because we needed a partner that had an in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical development and the associated flexibility.  BioConnection was able to build the perfect development and production chain in an economical and timewise efficient way’

Dr. Jules de Vet, CEO of Pivot Park: This initiative shows the power of the Pivot Park. We have state-of-the-art facilities in Oss and when combined with entrepreneurial spirit this leads to innovative solutions. BioConnection took the opportunities available to provide unique services to the pharmaceutical market.

Dr. Alexander Willemse, CEO of BioConnection: ‘When Radboud University approached us, we immediately saw the development and production possibilities. It is a challenging project combining nanotechnology and pharmaceutical product development. But with the partners on board we are able to challenge the demanding requests of the project We are looking forward to strengthen our further cooperation in order to support the anticipated market introduction of Combidex’.


BioConnection is a Dutch contract services and manufacturing organization for the development and production of injectable (bio)pharmaceutical products. We have access to various GMP manufacturing facilities across Europe that are all in compliance with the guidelines issued by EMA and/or the US-FDA. The cornerstones of our CMC services are: Drug Product development (formulation, analytics, freeze-dry cycle), fill & finish and freeze-drying at clinical and commercial scale. We are currently expanding our capabilities with the development and GMP manufacturing of complex formulations such as microspheres, liposomes and nanoparticles.

We have the means and expertise to bring your invention from the lab bench to the clinic and/or to the market. Due to our unique setup and best-in-class European network of development and manufacturing partners we are able to provide you with tailor made solutions with unmatched flexibility. Our approach ensures a seamless development and manufacturing chain for your product.

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Contact BioConnection: Sjaak Stevense MD, Director business development, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Radboud University: Prof. Dr. J. Barentsz, department of radiology, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.