BiCycle platform stimulates development of complex sugar-based drugs


Three Dutch biotech companies today announced a new partnership, the BiCycle Platform.


Okklo Life Sciences, BioConnection and ChemConnection will jointly be offering their development services for new therapies based on cyclodextrins.


Cyclodextrins are complex sugar-based molecules. They seem promising for the treatment of various diseases,  but development and manufacturing require particular expertise and know-how.

The three companies in the BiCycle platform form a consortium that offers researchers and businesses the opportunity to formulate new medicines based on cyclodextrins. Furthermore it supports the development process of new therapeutic products.

Where the focus of ChemConnection is on the chemistry and synthesis of cyclodextrins, BioConnection adds the manufacturing capabilities to produce products ready for clinical use.  Okklo brings the expertise to obtain clinical trial approval and to further develop the product to meet  all the requirements for market access. 

"By working together, we are  more efficient and faster,"  said the spokesperson, "A bit like cyclists in a team – together we are able to reach the finish much earlier and with less effort, which is very important for customers."

The three companies of the BiCycle platform all have their laboratories and offices in the recently established Pivot Park in Oss, The Netherlands. The BOM (Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij), a major partner of Pivot Park supports the initiative. Director Jan Pelle: "This kind of collaboration underscores the value of the park as a living community of biotech companies.”


For more information:

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